Thursday, December 12, 2013

Part Three

The fear assignment I was drawn to the most was the one done by Matt Eaton. I was impressed he went for it and let people judge him on the spot. I was going to do the same project until last minute so I thought it was cool that we had the same idea. I saw him reading a few of the comments when he sat back down and saw him shaking. I felt nervous for him because I too had comments from the class to read, but his comments were more personal in a way. The comments were about him, not his work.

I changed the way I look and judge people in a way because I saw his reaction, the nervousness and the shaking. I think that his life has probably changed because of the assignment. He thinks differently and hopefully he is more confident. I think this assignment was great and really got a lot of people to think and look at themselves differently.

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