Thursday, December 12, 2013

Part Three

The fear assignment I was drawn to the most was the one done by Matt Eaton. I was impressed he went for it and let people judge him on the spot. I was going to do the same project until last minute so I thought it was cool that we had the same idea. I saw him reading a few of the comments when he sat back down and saw him shaking. I felt nervous for him because I too had comments from the class to read, but his comments were more personal in a way. The comments were about him, not his work.

I changed the way I look and judge people in a way because I saw his reaction, the nervousness and the shaking. I think that his life has probably changed because of the assignment. He thinks differently and hopefully he is more confident. I think this assignment was great and really got a lot of people to think and look at themselves differently.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Fear Part Two.

5.         I was nervous to go toady. I knew that I wouldn't like some of the feedback I got. and I was right. I know some of the comments were like "too boring" and I know they didn't know the back story of why it wasn't finished. First  of all, all of the images were mine. I wanted people to not know if they were mine or not so they would be more truthful about them. the most disturbing comment I got was about the picture of the girl whom I had photoshopped. It as my 14 year old sister. I wasn't expecting THREE OF YOU to say "I'd hit that" She is 14. you should all feel like pedos. anyways. the things I read were what I sort of expected. I knew that some of you weren't into 3D so I wanted to hear what you saw being someone who doesn't know anything about it.

6.        I was happy to see that people were relatively nice about my work. I was nervous to show most of it off and I know a lot of it isn't the greatest but its just pictures of random things Ii have done the past year. I feel a few of you took this as "oh great, another lame survey about work" which I was kinda prepared for.

        I think that I am overall happy with what I did. I think that I would make a few changes.

7.      The changes I would make, I feel would make this project go smoother and more specific.

               1. I would have added more pictures but of others peoples work as well. I was going to do this first but then I decided I would only shoe my work and claim some of it wasn't mine. So I wish I had kept to that.
                2. I would make you say one good comment and then one bad comment instead of let you choose. This to me would make me feel better and make you think more.

               3. Last I would change the work of mine that I added. I have several other pieces that I wish I would have put in and few that were in there I wish were more finished and solid.

Overall I am happy with this project and at the same time I feel differently towards the students in the class. I feel closer to them knowing their fears and then I feel more apart from them at the same time considering that the comments made, looked straight from a YouTube channel.


Saturday, November 23, 2013


        -To me, fear if being afraid. I know scientific. It also has deeper meaning. I know it can also be a metaphorical wall that keeps you from something you want a dream for. I know that I feared to come out of the closet for a long time. I was so afraid that I contemplated hiding it and being straight the rest of my life. I was afraid that people would be very against me and I wouldn't be accepted. After my parents divorce and my grandfather dying I knew life was short and you have to life as yourself and who you really are. The fear of acceptance kept me hidden and without getting over that fear I wouldn't be where I am right now. Its only been a little under six months since being fully out and my life has changed so much for the good.

       -I got over his fear and went to my next big fear. I think that my project will go well. I hope that the classmates get something out of it. I hope they can learn something about themselves along the way. I think they will look at the way the critique or judge things a bit.

       I am excited and nervous to share what I am going to do. I hope they understand the concept!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Take Away

This last class was an interesting one. Before class had even started I had a fellow student ask me some questions about the program Maya which made me feel good people noticed I do well in that software! but anyways, I was nervous to share my idea board because it was really just a digital folder and my two favorite concept art books. But I did enjoy the ones that were shared.
        I have been thinking about the fear assignment coming up and I think i have it narrowed down. I am very excited and nervous to share it and I hope it goes they way I want.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Class takeaway

        I was impressed about the bliss assignment. and found it very interesting that a few of you had many items on my "what if" lists on yours. I think  it was hard to think of all the what ifs becasue I dont think I was thinking too in depth enough.

        My final what if was wht if I had never seen any type of other peoples media and would my art look different if I hadnt been influenced by them. I would love to be able to get everythig out of my mind and start from scratch. But its funny that I get inspired by others work.

Vision Board

My vision board is a digital board. I am always on the Internet looking up concept art and short student films and am always finding amazing things. It has quite a few pictures in it that help my get inspiration. I also consider my art of pixar shorts book a big inspiration in my drawing. I just love looking at the lines of the drawings and the roughness and it helps me draw better for some reason .

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Class takeaway

In last class I was really impressed  by every one's project. I think everyone really took the time and thought about their partner when they completed the projects. I know Samantha and her partner really took a lot of time and I was really impressed by them. I was very happy with my PIXAR cupcakes! they were very good! And I hope my partner liked my Charlie Sheen candy portrait!